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NFC: Please Make “Internet of Things” Work!

A post on GigaOm today entitled Near Field Communications is More Than Just a Mobile Wallet is right on.  Developers have a new tool that relies on the security of physical proximity.

Here is my modest proposal: let’s use NFC to make attaching stuff to WiFi easier.  Plugging devices into USB, configuring them, etc. is a huge hassle and impediment.

Grandma should be able to wave her new digital pictureframe over her WiFi basestation to connect it.  I should be able to wave my iPhone over someone’s laptop and give them guest access to corporate WiFi for 24 hours.

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup standard supports NFC already.  IMO the missing element is the ability to use a “magic wand” to connect devices.  This could be a wireless device associated with a base station, or preferably a smartphone/tablet that has secure access to the base station.

That kind of easy setup is what is needed to get widespread use of Internet-connected stuff!