NFC: Please Make “Internet of Things” Work!

A post on GigaOm today entitled Near Field Communications is More Than Just a Mobile Wallet is right on.  Developers have a new tool that relies on the security of physical proximity.

Here is my modest proposal: let’s use NFC to make attaching stuff to WiFi easier.  Plugging devices into USB, configuring them, etc. is a huge hassle and impediment.

Grandma should be able to wave her new digital pictureframe over her WiFi basestation to connect it.  I should be able to wave my iPhone over someone’s laptop and give them guest access to corporate WiFi for 24 hours.

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup standard supports NFC already.  IMO the missing element is the ability to use a “magic wand” to connect devices.  This could be a wireless device associated with a base station, or preferably a smartphone/tablet that has secure access to the base station.

That kind of easy setup is what is needed to get widespread use of Internet-connected stuff!


One thought on “NFC: Please Make “Internet of Things” Work!

  1. Pravin


    Check out He has built an NFC basestation connected to WiFi. Smart NFC Tags communicate with it.

    The problem is his business is based on “gaming” model. Im sure it can be adapted for other uses.


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